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Discover Media have been specialising in Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) for over 10 years.

Our team of Google Adwords qualified PPC specialists can manage every step of your PPC campaign for you – keyword research, copywriting, bid management and reporting. This ensures that your campaigns run as smoothly as possible, generating the maximum return on investment.

We will also develop bespoke landing pages and use our in-house tools to constantly monitor competitor activity, analyse long tail results and perform multivariate testing.

We pride ourselves on producing the best possible results for our clients across the most competitive sectors, including fashion, travel, finance and online gaming.


Social Media presents more opportunities and more challenges for marketers; our experienced team devise and manage outstanding creative campaigns to generate a buzz around our clients’ products & services.

This includes Facebook competitions, blogger outreach and building multimedia, multi-channel social media ‘hubs’ for increased engagement with key audiences – leading to tangible sales.

We tailor all our social media campaigns to our clients’ specific needs, conducting detailed analysis of the opportunities within their sector. Training and consultancy is a key aspect of our service and we use our bespoke monitoring tools to assess the success of our clients’ social media activity.


Display Advertising is an incredibly effective tool for increasing a brand’s profile; targeting key audiences, generating sales & consumer loyalty. This is reflected in the huge growth in this service’s popularity in recent years.

Our specialist team have a wealth of experience in managing successful display advertising campaigns for clients in the most competitive sectors including retail, gaming and financial services.

We use our specially developed in-house tools to ensure we achieve the best possible ROI, keeping campaign costs to a minimum. We fine-tune our targeting and content so the right messages are reached by the right audiences.


Discover Media is a digital marketing agency with over 10 years’ experience in both natural search and Pay Per Click advertising.

We work with a range of clients in the most competitive sectors, producing outstanding results for them. We pride ourselves on hiring specialists in all the services we provide and within our teams we have highly experienced professionals managing our PR, Social Media, PPC, Technical Development and Analytics services.

We have developed a suite of in-house tools to manage our clients’ campaigns as effectively as possible. These include detailed competitor & keyword tracking software, link footprint analytics and social media tracking tools.

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